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"Sherry is an exceptional teacher and coach. Her ability to diagnose technical flaws in your game and to use specific, focused drills to reinforce corrections is very effective. She uses her extensive tournament success to provide strategy and team coaching that works well. She definitely has made a positive difference in my game!"

Rick Knight


“I have been thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, experience and teaching ability of Sherry.   She uniquely blended techniques, quickly understood my strengths and areas of development and built a learning experience specifically for me. The growth in my game is significant and I owe it all to Sherry. She simply is the BEST!”

Nat Boughton

"I have had the great fortune to be trained by Sherry Scheer.  She transformed me into a Pickleball player by teaching me proper form thoughtful tactics and strategies. I have experienced much success earning gold medals at the 4.0 level. I l credit Sherry with providing me with the skills to win"

Nancy Boughton



"A one hour lesson with Sherry is equivalent to playing for several hours. I have taken numerous private lessons with her and each one leaves me exhausted. Her analytical skills are unparalleled with much attention to detail. Take a lesson!"

Robert LeClaire


“Thank you sooo much
for all the strategies
and motivating words!
You are a great coach.
I couldn't have done it
without you!!”

Sue Glidden


"Sherry is the local pro on Cape Cod providing top notch, clinic, semi-private and private instruction.  She is well versed to teach beginners to advanced level players on all facets of the game.  Tactics, strategy and shot selection coupled with drills makes her approach to learning the very best"

Bob Guilbert


"As a player with no former racquet sports history Sherry worked with me to develop the mechanics, strategy and training necessary to be a competitive player. Whenever I finish a lesson I always feel like I have learned so much and work on incorporating what I have learned into my game. I look forward to every lesson."

Aaron Brochu

Pic of Jacobsons with medals

“We have enjoyed playing tennis since we met more than 40 years ago.  Once we picked up pickleball a few years ago, we really fell in love with the game.  Through individual and group lessons with Sherry we have learned the nuances of pickleball like dinks, 3rd shot drops, hitting the ball deep, etc.  Sherry’s lessons are always focused on developing the skills we need at that time.  Pickleball has become our main avocation and we have been fortunate enough to earn 11 medals over the past year and a half.

John and Gail Jacobson

Pic of Ann Lih with Medal

"Sherry is not only a great player but also a phenomenal instructor. She is infectious with her passion for pickleball and has all the teaching skill to make each of us the best pickleball player we can be. No one is more dedicated to help us get better and help us have more fun!
3 years ago, my left side was paralyzed from a chronic stroke. 2 years ago, I started working with Sherry as part of my physical therapy. After working with Sherry, I won a Gold Medal at the CT Masters Tournament. Sherry is the reason for my miraculous recovery and life is good again!
I'm forever grateful to Sherry."

Ann Lih

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