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My Story

I am an athletic educator. I fell in love with pickleball after a tennis career. As an IPTPA
Certified instructor and coach, I'm committed to helping you achieve your Pickleball goals.

My approach is to observe, assess, direct and remediate a player’s skills. I can identify and
support individual strengths while working on improvement strategies.

I am always improving my pickleball skills through study, training, and practice. In addition to my
IPTPA Certification, I am certified by the International Foundation of Players Academy and I’m
sponsored by Engage Pickleball. I look forward to introducing you to the game, preparing you
for competition or helping you on your pickleball journey to success.

Four-time National Champion Medalist
-time US Open Medalist
Sponsored player by Engage Pickleball
Winner of more than 100+
 competitive medals

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