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Find Your Skill Level

Whether you’re thinking about getting started or want to achieve better results, I'm here to help. Get ready to learn the fundamentals of Pickleball and improve your skills. Review the skill levels listed below to help you decide which  lesson options are best for you. Then select the Clinic or Lesson option. If you don't yet have an official rating, check out the Scheer Force "Get Rated" page.



A beginner is classified as a player who is new to the game or has only played a handful of times. 


Beginner +

(2.5) Knows basic rules such as “two bounce” and scoring. Has some basic stroke skills. Attempts to dink but not always effective, gets some serves and returns in, tries to volley and attempts groundstrokes. Understands how to grip the paddle. 


Intermediate Player

(3.0) Regularly gets serves “in” to mid-court or deeper. Starting to hit dinks lower over the net. Can hit 5/10 dinks, volleys, returns, serves, groundstrokes. This player will drive and lob their third shot, understands the need to develop this shot in their game but still won’t attempt it. Moves to the kitchen line after returning, stays back after serving. Demonstrates general ball control with varying degrees of success and is attempting to develop more softness in their shots.


Intermediate+ Player

(3.5) Demonstrates control and basic consistency in shots, can hit 6/10 dinks, volleys, returns, serves, third shots and groundstrokes. Player is attempting to hit drop shots to get to the kitchen line. Can apply fast and slow techniques during points. Attempts to dink during a rally. Places serves and returns deep in the box, approaches non-volley zone line quickly. Has a moderate number of unforced errors per game.


Advance Player

(4.0) Demonstrates control and basic consistency in shots, can hit 8/10 dinks, volleys, returns, serves, third shots and groundstrokes. Uses logic and strategy while playing points. Applies fast and slow shot selection at the proper times more often than not. Mixes drives and drop shot techniques to obtain the kitchen line. Has fewer number of unforced errors per game.


Advance+ Player

(4.5) Can regularly convert a hard shot to a soft shot. Exhibits patience in play and shows a noticeable increase in skills, a higher level of strategy, quickness of hands, movement, placement of shots, anticipation of play, sustained volleying skills, and places

put-aways with consistency. Makes very few unforced errors.

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